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Greetings and welcome to the Lone Wolf Pack!


If you want a place to level up in peace, get occasional help on a quest or in an Instance, or even just just to chat and /dance around then you are in the right place.

We are a casual Guild, open to players new to the game (although experienced players are welcome too). We are here to enjoy ourselves, to succeed, but at the same time not take things too seriously.  Our motto is: No Pressure.

Make sure to take a look at our Code of Conduct.

 If you have any questions, queries, comments don't hesitate to voice them.



Alpha Wolf 

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Other Guild News

New Year

LWP, Jan 13, 11 1:52 PM.
Happy New Year to you all, I hope your celebrations went well.

This year the Lone Wolf Pack will be looking to expand our ranks with new members who share our ideals of fun and no pressure.  Plans regarding recruitment will follow, but we will not be spamming trade for recruits as I feel that it would not attract the kind of candidates that would fit in our Guild.

This year I will also be looking to implement some new fun elements to the Guild for us to do together outside the usual instance runs and questing.  If you have any ideas you would like to see in the Guild let me know.

Thats all for now, have fun and be good.


Standing Suspended

LWP, Oct 27, 10 5:35 AM.
The Standing reward system has been suspended for a while to iron out some issues.  I will still be monitoring relevent Guild activity for future reference however.

Alpha Wolf

Important additions to the LWP

LWP, Oct 23, 10 3:10 PM.
From Monday 25th October the Lone Wolf Pack will be implementing a system similar to the DKP system used by successful raiding guilds.

The system will be called Standing, as we are not primarily a raiding Guild, Standing unlike DKP will not be used to establish looting order and the LWP's default looting structure will remain in place.  Rather Lone Wolf Pack's Standing system will be a means for the Officers to reward Guild members actions and involvement in the Guild.

Standing will be factored into determining promotions and permissions as well as being redeemable against items in the Guild Bank.

Further information and tariff will be posted in the Information section in due course.

 Alpha Wolf

Recruitment Day

LWP, Oct 21, 10 2:15 PM.
Lone Wolf Pack - Don't forget its Recruitment Day this Friday and we are recruiting anyone who fits our mandate, regardless of class or level.  I am also in the process of updating the site with pertinent contents of the Guild Bank and will be posting Bank policy in due course.  Have fun!

-Bastion, Alpha Wolf
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The Lone Wolf Pack is recruiting any players, of any level and experience!
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